Member Updates Needed for Website

Published: January 4, 2018

Over the past six months, the team at Magnetude Media and the Marpole BIA have been working on the
redesign of the website.

This new site is very mobile-friendly, and will continue to offer a wide variety of information about Marpole
events and issues, the business district, and its members.

The searchable Business Directory is one of the most popular features of the existing website.

We need your help to update your business information to make the new version even better.

  1. Please search for your business name.
  2. Ensure the existing description is correct.
  3. If there’s no description, or if you’re not happy with what’s there now, email us a 75-word description to
  4. Include in your description your website and social media handles.

Thank you for your help in ensuring the business directory is as up to date as possible. The new website is now live.